On Wednesday 21 July 2004 11:13 am, Eric Ziegast wrote:
> > We are shifting one of mail server from qmail to Exchange server
> > for testing,
> ... my sympathies.  You'll be back.

after his PHB dies, perhaps :)

> > so how can i forward mails from qmail mail server to Exchange
> > server.
> Look at the qmail-remote manual page.
>   http://qmail.geto.net/man/man8/qmail-remote.html
> If it's just POP mailboxes (not IMAP with subfolders), you can
> push the messages out using qmail-remote.

or easier, serialmail.

> If you need to preserve IMAP subfolders, it gets more complicated.
> You'd actually have to write (as Jeremy said) a Perl script using
> Net:IMAP to push the message into their new mailboxes.

I found Net::IMAP to suck.  Mail::IMAPClient was much better, YMMV.

> If it's just 
> a few users, each user can add the new IMAP account and just
> drag/drop the messages into their new folders.

that's how I'd do it :)


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