> > I want to install QMAIL + Vpopmail + courier-imap + Qmailadmin + LDAP
> > + MySql + Spamassassin + clamav + Squirrelmail + stats (Isoqlog &
> > qmail MRTG) under Linux 9.  Is every thing compatable with linux 9
> > where can i get good howto. I need step by step installation. also i
> > want to host multiple mail sites on a single server. please help me in
> > this regard
> Red Hat 9 is linux, and every software that you named is linux, it's
> "redhatlinux" 9 compaible.
> There's a lot of documentation about how to set up this software, you
> can find it on www.qmail.org .

That's not quite true.  I'll give you this: There _is_ documentation
to take care of everything.  It's only through experience that you
learn/realize which documentation you need to look through to make
sure everything works well without trial and error.

The only compatability problem I'm aware of is Qmail.
Here's something I googled that will help:

There's a web site called lifewithqmail.org that goes
through alot of the step-by-step process for Qmail if
you're not familiar with how to install/administer DJB
tools (eg: daemontools, tcpserver).

I have a preference to use the MySQL 4 downloaded from
www.mysql.com instead of the MySQL 3 supplied by RedHat.
When doing things like backups or replication, MySQL 4
is better.

There are also a couple books:
  Qmail - www.ora.com
  The Qmail Handbook - www.apress.com
I like the newer O'reilly book better.

If you are getting paid by your company to install everything,
and if you make more than $6/hour, it will be faster,
more cost-effective, and less problematic to have someone from
Inter7 install "Web Q" for you within a few hours.  They
install all of this stuff for a living and get it right the
first time.  You can then go through installing everything
yourself at your leisure as an educational exercise. They
leave you their souce code behind so you can see the
differences between stock code and their modifications.

Eric Ziegast
(no, I don't work for Inter7)

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