>Running vpopmail version: 5.3.19, with MySQL auth (I know - Have to
>upgrade!), and we have one client who wishes to move there domain to a
>new server - The domain contains about 400 accounts, and I was 
>the best way to migrate the entire domain?
>- Add clients_domain to new server
>- Copy /home/vpopmail/domains/clients_domain/* to new server
Last time I did this I moved about 300 domains with about 25000 users by
up the entire domains then extracting them on the new system. Just make sure
chown to the right user if you use a different uid/gid for vpopmail.vchkpw

>- Copy MySQL entries for domain to new server? (This is the step I am
>unsure about!)

All I did was dump the DB and then import it on the new mysql server.



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