On Tuesday 27 July 2004 03:59 pm, Edilmar wrote:
> I have used Netqmail 1.05 + SMTP Auth + Vpopmail 5.4.0 + SQWebmail 4.0.5.
> But my users have talked about changing the webmail, mainly because
> layout limitations
> and other resources like virtual disk, support online for many
> languages, instant messages
> when new emails are received, etc.
> I look at SQuirelmail but it needs IMAP and I'd not like to install a
> new service.

well, if you look around, you'll soon find that almost every webmail 
application out there is an imap client.  bincimap (http://www.bincimap.org) 
and courier-imap (http://www.courier-mta.org/imap) are not difficult to set 
up (in fact, sqwebmail and courier-imap are very very close in codebase).

> I look also at Openwebmail but I didn't find a distribution integrated
> with QMail/VPopmail.
> Is there one?

not likely.

omail-webmail might work, but it's a PITA to set up and I don't know if it 
works with vpopmail (however, I do know that it does work with vmailmgr, as I 
used to have it set up on my old box)

> Or are there other webmails more advanced than SQWebmail?

probably.  Most of them are imap clients.


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