Just to add chuck another item into the melting 
pot... ;-)

> I look at SQuirelmail but it needs IMAP and I'd not
> like to install a new service.

Try http://ilohamail.org, has it's own integral
IMAP should you decide to try it.  Works directly
with Qmail/ Vpopmail and the source is there for 
you to meddle with as well.

> I look also at Openwebmail but I didn't find a
> distribution integrated with QMail/VPopmail.
> Is there one?

I've tried quite a few interfaces out there, 
including Openwebmail, all of which seem to 
overlay quite well except are maybe just a 
wee bit fiddly to install from source.

> Or are there other webmails more advanced than
> SQWebmail?

I'd say, lots.  You are spoilt for choice. ;-)




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