Dave Kettmann wrote:
> I have a few domains that are not
> reporting mailsize properly. In looking thru the list, I found one
> solution to be deleteing the maildirsize file every night thru a cron job.
> I have tried this, but it still does not seem to work. I am using vpopmail
> v 5.2.1, and qmail 1.03. If any other information is needed, please let me
> know.

After deleting 'maildirsize' file, i guess you need to run 'maildirmake'.
For a particular user, if i come across quota shown uncorrectly, usually
never happens, i've seen it happen when i moved into the new mail server
and dumped his mails from old server to new server, then, i delete his
'maildirsize' file and run the following command from his directory and
allocate him 20 MB mailbox, for example.

maildirmake -q 20000000S ./Maildir/

Your problem is not w.r.t. user but w.r.t. domains. Something similar to
above i feel. Have you set quota for those domains properly? You can set
quota using vQadmin also. quota support enabled and it is/was working
properly? FYI, am using vpopmail 5.5.0 and netqmail-1.05 with


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