Looks like you need to check the ownership/permissions of qmail etc.

From: knom [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
Sent: Tuesday, 3 August 2004 2:56 PM
Subject: [vchkpw] Bounce Mail Problem (logfile..)

Hi !
I've got a problem with bounce mails.
I tried to send to an unexisting remote adress..
Here is the log from /var/log/qmail/current:

@40000000410e09041817ea54 new msg 229364
@40000000410e0904187ec65c info msg 229364: bytes 1486 from <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
qp 15968 uid 89
@40000000410e0904193b30bc starting delivery 260: msg 229364 to remote
@40000000410e0904193bd0e4 status: local 0/10 remote 1/20
@40000000410e0904372b7384 delivery 260: failure:{mx001_
<[EMAIL PROTECTED]>..._User_is_unknown/Giving_up_on_213.165.64.100./
@40000000410e0904372cac04 status: local 0/10 remote 0/20
@40000000410e09043816e8dc warning: trouble injecting bounce message, will
try later

There is an error with the bounce message... (says the last line)
Does anybody have a solution for that problem ?
I've googled already but I haven't found any suitable for it..


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