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> I don't understand why you're so concerned with having the pop3 server run as 
> root.  qmail-popup has no remote root holes (at least stock, which is what 
> most people use, as I don't think there are any patches out there that 
> directly affect qmail-popup other than maybe the errno patch) and unless your 
> checkpassword replacement (in this case, vchkpw) has any (which, I've never 
> heard of :), I don't see the need for concern.

That's very good advice. I think I may eventually switch back. It always just bugged 
me a bit that
it was running as root when I was able to run qmail-smtp as non-root. But you are 
right, any
attempt to allow non-root system accounts would just cause even more secure issues due 
to all the
non-standard changes I'd have to make. I guess I'm just paranoid :)



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