> I've built vpopmail 5.4.5 with mysql 3.23.57-ish on Debian potato. I've
> enabled roaming users and have included the SMTP-AUTH patch.  Courier,
> vpopmail, qmail, and everything else compiled fine (I did not use Debian
> packages).
> POP3 works fine.  Spam filtering works fine.  Squirrelmail fine.
> Squirrelmail sends via SMTP fine via
> /home/vpopmail/etc/tcp.smtp.  SMTP-AUTH fails on password look ups and
> therefore roaming users cannot send email.


OK, I've found that it was a client software error where CRAM-MD5 login is
advertised first.  Pegasus mail wouldn't keep trying to get to plain
LOGIN, but The BAT! would "fail back" from CRAM-MD5 to plain LOGIN and
roaming SMTP relay works fine.

Sorry for the initial concern, but I'd like to remove CRAM-MD5 from the
advertised capabilities to avoid this kind of confusion with users.

Any help there?!
Sorry, but thanks so far!

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