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On Sunday 08 August 2004 03:07 am, Micah Abrams wrote:
> Jeremy:
> Thanks for the $5 :)  Actually the only place the domain shows up (in
> /var/qmail/control) is in:
> control/rcpthosts
> control/virtualdomains
> The locals file only has the FQDN of the mail server in it.  I'm wondering
> if this could this be a currupted mysql table or something?  There are
> about 130 other domains on the server and everything else is working fine. 
> Any other ideas?

perhaps your /var/qmail/users/assign file is not set up properly.

the "no mailbox here by that name" is a qmail error, not a vpopmail error, so 
it's clear that vdelivermail is not being called at all.

post the full unedited output of qmail-showctl, the contents 
of /var/qmail/users/assign, and tell us what domain is in question.


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