Vlad Soutyrine wrote:

> I had problems as well, first I made sure that vpopmail itself works
> fine.
> Try to change password of a user with vpasswd, for example, to see if > you
> get any error messages.

No problem here: mail# ./vpasswd [EMAIL PROTECTED] Please enter password for [EMAIL PROTECTED]: enter password again: mail#

> vadddomain, vadduser - no errors for troublesome
> domain?

Added a new user: mail# ./vadduser [EMAIL PROTECTED] Please enter password for [EMAIL PROTECTED]: enter password again: mail#

Added a new virtaldomain:
mail# ./vadddomain webmail.birch.se
Please enter password for postmaster:
enter password again:

> Also,
> /var/qmail/users/assign
> should have a line properly formatted for each domain.  This line gets
> inserted automatically when using vadddomain.

Something like:

cat /var/qmail/users/assign
mail# cat assign
mail# id vpopmail
uid=89(vpopmail) gid=89(vchkpw) groups=89(vchkpw)

> There could be a variety of things on how you ran configure for
> courier
> also, but I would first make sure that simple stuff above is ok.

It seems okey so far?

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Mattias Bjrk [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Monday,
> August 09, 2004 5:28 PM
> Subject: [vchkpw] Authentication Problem/Login problem
> Hi,
> I have setup qmail with vpopmail+courier-imap and are using a virtual > domain. Its named "mail.birch.se". Im running it on FreeBSD 5.2.1.
> I have used this guide to accomplish this:
> "http://www.stevenfettig.com/mythoughts/archives/cat_qmail.php";
> (Qmail HOWTO 1 thru chapter 3.)
> I have also read some of the comments and did the change of
> AUTHMODULES="authvchkpw" in "/usr/local/etc/courier-imap/authdaemonrc" > from AUTHMODULES="authdaemon".
> And my /var/qmail/control/virtualdomains does have this line:
> "mail.birch.se:mail.birch.se"
> Im using thunderbird as my MUA. My user name is "kladd"
> Almost everything works fine, I can auth/login via imap-ssl and all. I > get the certificate and accept it. However when I look in
> /var/log/maillog it says:
> Aug 10 01:50:18 mail imapd-ssl: LOGIN FAILED,
> ip=[::ffff:]
> Aug 10 01:50:18 mail imapd-ssl: LOGOUT, ip=[::ffff:]
> (There are more but just the same thing but other date/time stamps)
> And I can't see/list my mails, And If I send a mail to my self, with
> the option "Place mail in sent folder" set. I get an error message
> saying that it can't do it. I have tried to change the password
> several times but that does not seem to make any diffrance.
> I have listed and there are the mail that I have sent to my self in
> "/usr/local/vpopmail/domains/mail.birch.se/kladd/Maildir/new"
> I hope have not forgotten to do something, I can't think of anything
> that I have forgotten. Perhaps I have missed something but I have also > checked the logs in "/var/log". I have checked "/var/messages" and
> /var/log/qmail/current with tail -f. And there is not more that I can > think of that is wrong.
> Does anybody have a clue on what might be wrong? This has something to > do with the auth. I don't know but it might be something to with the
> open_relay fix/addon in the guide as well.
> Mvh Mattias Bjrk

Thank you very mutch for the fast reply

Mvh Mattias Bjrk

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