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Paul Theodoropoulos wrote:
I'm with Shane on this. top-posting is not some evil activity. it is _not_ rude, nor is it 'incredibly difficult' to read. hyperbole!

I'll not get into this debate, nor will I stop harping on people for top posting. If you want to debate top posting with me, let's take it off list :)

All I will say is, your message doesn't make much sense unless you read further down. When you're like me and read anything between 500 and 1000 mailing list posts a day, it's good to have some context to replies and not have to re-read the rest of the email to figure out what the poster is talking about. Especially if (for example, this message) I'm replying to two or more separate statements made by the previous poster.

of course, i like top posting if only to get jeremy to post the kittens url, since it's funnier 'n' hell! ;^)

and TOTALLY RIPPED OFF. I can't remember where I found it ( comes to mind) but I just used my 1337 gimp skills (note: sarcasm) to black out the "every time you masturbate" (or whatever it had there before) and typed in "every time you top post".

Feel free to steal it, as did I. :)


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