Hi there,

        This is my first post on the list. Im having some trouble with
bounces on specific domains on my qmail toaster. I hope someone could help
me solve this issue.

        Here is my config:

        Slackware 10 + qmail + vpopmail + mysql + qmail-scanner +
spamassassin + clamav

        The thing is that some bounces (not all of them, neither all domains
bounces) are really bouncing for sure.. but they also create dirs "no such
user [EMAIL PROTECTED]" for example, on the / dir.

        Ive already tried to upgrade all tools above. ive recompiled
vpopmail-5.4.0 rechecked all of the configuration and nothing happened.

        To add, Im having this problem with not just one qmail toaster but
with 3 boxes that have the same configuration like the above.

        Please if someone has or had the same issue, Ill be trully thankful
if it has an answer.

Best regards,

Eduardo Ribeiro da Silva - BRHospedagens.com.br


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