> >
> > Is LDAP support of Vpopmail mature enough for a large 
> production server?
> > Has anyone used it succesfully in such a case?
> From README.ldap :
>     Using vpopmail with LDAP is not very common.
>     The LDAP modules are functional, but because it not as 
> popular as using
>     CDB or MySQL auth systems, you should be wary of 
> implementing the LDAP
>     system on a production server.

        I'm using Vpopmail+LDAP for about 2 years, with no problems.
But, for older versions of Vpopmail, I had to do some nasty things in
order to make it compile correctly. 

> From README.mysql :
>     Using vpopmail with MySQL is becoming increasingly popular.
>     The code is well tested and can be considered to be just
>     as stable as the default CDB authentication system.
> Michael.

        And you will have much more flexibility. I did choose LDAP
because of this performance, but if I had to make the choice again, I
would choose mysql instead.


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