still debugging a few users here.

vpopmail/vchkpw with mysql install (Matt Simerson's qmail toaster, aged 
about 9 months) that has had vmysql manually patched for pop before 
smtp removal of RBL checks, and has had tcpserver patched(old error, 
subsequenty fixed in newer patches toaster releases) to allow
SMTP AUTH users.  Both POP before SMTP and SMTP AUTH work fine on the
server for a vast majority of the users.

We do have a few holdouts though that are troubling me as I am not sure
how or why.

The purpose of installing the SMTP AUTH was to hopefully force the whole
RELAYCLIENT="",RBLSMTPD=""\n entry and ensure that if there were issues
with POP before SMTP timeouts or something else that would ensure they
could relay and bypass the RBL.  We are still having some problem users
that can't seem to bypass the RBL check and are subsequently blocked by
the dynablock list(justifiably so if they aren't bypassing it).

Is there a set of events that would cause the rblsmtpd variable not to
be set to blank on either POP before SMTP or SMTP AUTH?  Server is not
under heavy load or anything... mysql is located on the same box, and 
it is the same handful of users who can't get around this for the most
point.  Can't help but think that vchkpw isn't passing the RBLSMTPD=""
to qmail for some reason.

Look forward to any ideas or suggestions.


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