On Aug 19, 2004, at 7:37 AM, Chris Ess wrote:
I don't know if this is even relevant anymore (i.e. has been fixed) but
this showed up on bugtraq yesterday. Figured I should pass it along, just
in case.


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Date: 17 Aug 2004 10:44:52 -0000
Subject: vpopmail <= 5.4.2 (sybase vulnerability)

Bug: format string and buffer overflow (sybase)
Product: vpopmail <= 5.4.2 (sybase vulnerability)
Realease Date : 12/08/04
Risk: Low
Vendor status: Vendor is in a big shit :)
Reference: http://web-hack.ru/unl0ck/advisories/

Overview: vpopmail is a set of programs for creating and managing multiple virtual domains on a qmail server.

Bugs were founded in SyBase. In vsybase.c file.

Thanks for sending this. I started addressing the SQL injection vulnerabilities last March with code that made it into the 5.5.0 development release. That code flowed into the 5.4.6 release on June 30th. I had marked that release as "development" instead of "stable", but it's in use by many sites in production, so I'll switch it over to "stable" today.

Vpopmail sites using any SQL backend (i.e., non-cdb sites) should upgrade to the 5.4.6 release to close off the SQL injection vulnerabilities in previous releases. The vulnerabilities made it possible for a remote attacker to insert additional SQL commands into data passed into POP/IMAP login, SMTP AUTH, or a QmailAdmin login.

The possible buffer overflow is in the code for adding a user, so it would only be exploitable by an admin. Even so, I've fixed the problem in CVS and the change will be in the next stable release. I've also contacted the publisher of the original report (but have not posted a followup to bugtraq since I'm not a subscriber).

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