On Aug 19, 2004, at 12:32 PM, Nicholas Harring wrote:
I saw a message earlier today from Tom Collins about 5.4.6, and it got me thinking that things seem to have slowed a lot with development.
I see that the last SF update is 5 months ago for 5.5.0. I'd sent some patches in that you mentioned you were interested in, and I'd really, really like to see the features make it out since its a huge hassle saver (the libvpopmail.so stuff), and I'd be more than happy to rework the patches if there was something about them you didn't like. There're also several other interesting looking patches hanging out there unassigned with no updates.

Development is still happening, but very slowly. I'm focused on the 5.4 series, and Rick Widmer and Ken Jones have been doing work in 5.5. Check CVS for the current 5.5 version -- it's focused on a vpopmail daemon that PHP scripts can call.

I am interested in the dynamically-linked libvpopmail, and spent some time working on changes to the build files to make it happen. Unfortunately, I never got it into the current build.

Please let me know what other patches you'd like to see make it into 5.4 and I'll either get them in or comment on why I haven't added them.

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