I actually have two questions.  The first one is if anybody has
experience with converting a qmail system from vmailmgr to vpopmail. 
We have devised ways of doing it, but if anybody has already done it
and has to do's/don'ts/pointers they came across I would appreciate it
if you would share them.

Second question.  We have a lot of domains that resided on our server
and due to directory limitations, can not have all the domains reside
in ~path/vpopmail/domains.  Is there any good solutions that people
know of?  The only one that we have come up with is to modify the code
to add the domain directories into sublevels (ie
~path/vpopmail/domains/a-e/, ~path/vpopmail/domains/f-n, etc).  After
considering this, I realized that this probably would require a lot of
changes in the code which is possible but we're hoping for a shorter
time frame to get it up and going.

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