I've got a new server with - Slackware 10
It's all setup so that mail is delivered in the Maildir/new directory, I can
see the mails I send to the server BUT I can not login with pop3 or IMAP. I
found the following A in the FAQ:

21. Why can't pop authenticate on my slackware distribution.
Some distributions of slackware (current distro as of July/2000)
do not come with a functional crypt routine. To fix the problem
you must install the real crypt libraries and recompile

My question: Where do I get this Real Crypt?


I have more than a few Slackware machines setup the same way and I have no problem at all logging in with pop or IMAP. I tend to think your problem is more permission related.

Can you show us your run scripts for pop and /or IMAP ?



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