James Whitt wrote:
I actually have two questions. The first one is if anybody has
experience with converting a qmail system from vmailmgr to vpopmail. We have devised ways of doing it, but if anybody has already done it
and has to do's/don'ts/pointers they came across I would appreciate it
if you would share them.
Not me, sorry.

Second question. We have a lot of domains that resided on our server and due to directory limitations, can not have all the domains reside in ~path/vpopmail/domains. Is there any good solutions that people know of? The only one that we have come up with is to modify the code to add the domain directories into sublevels (ie ~path/vpopmail/domains/a-e/, ~path/vpopmail/domains/f-n, etc). After considering this, I realized that this probably would require a lot of changes in the code which is possible but we're hoping for a shorter time frame to get it up and going.

I do have some experience on mail conversions, first from a sendmail box to two vpopmail boxes, then from the two vpopmail boxes to a cluster behind a MailScanner box. I have some strong opinions on this. Take them for exactly that, opinions ;^)

Conversions are messy, avoid them, they will give you more heartache than success. Having inherited the last conversion I would opt for building a complete new box, configured, setup, tested, before I did anything else. Then I would script the adding of all accounts onto the new box. This could be done from a list made of rcpthosts, and morercpthosts files along with your vpasswd files. vadddomain and vadduser respond very well to this. Then I would change DNS and roll your users to the new box in one fell swoop. You could then nfs mount your old Maildirs onto the new box and script the moving of the users mail from the old into the new Maildirs.

This will ensure that everything is bright and shiny, nothing is orphaned, no files are left behind or unconverted. You will be assured your dir_control, vpasswd, vlimits files are correct. If I had to do it all again, that is exactly how I would go about it.


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