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> Sent: Friday, August 20, 2004 2:10 PM
> Subject: [vchkpw] How to Split a domain into 2 machines?
> Hi all,
> I have to solve the famous problem of splitting a unique domain into 2 remote 
> machines. One machine gonna be the MX for > the
domain but will contain only part of the e-mail accounts. The other half of the e-mail 
accounts will be configured  in the other
server. Creating two subdomains *is not a valid alternative* for me.
> Is it possible to do this elegantly with vpopmail?
> Until now, the most elegant solution i have seen is using Qmail + qmail-ldap patch + 
> Open LDAP. In this scenario, vpopmail
wouldn't be used. 
> I know there is also a vpopmail-ldap patch, but i understood that it doesn't foresee 
> the case of splitting a domain into > two
different servers.
> Thanks in advance,
> bnegrao

I wrote a patch (or quick hack) to do this and have been running this setup in 
production for more than months without any problem.
The patch for 5.4.3 is located at 
http://www.sigrity.com/oss/vdelivermail.c.patch-5.4.3 and patches can be generated if 
If more people are interested in this, we could propose a mailhost field just like in 
qmail-ldap to make it cleaner.

Here is the brief setup instruction:

For two mail servers (can be more) mail1.x.com and mail2.y.com. Any of mail servers 
can be MX hosts.
1] Setup vpopmail on both mail servers to host x.com as usual.
2] Add mail1.x.com as an alias to x.com domain on mail1.x.com and add mail1.x.com to 
3] Add mail2.x.com as an alias to x.com domain on mail2.x.com and add mail2.x.com to 
4] Set user fullname to Full [EMAIL PROTECTED] for email accounts on mail1.x.com
5] Set user fullname to Full [EMAIL PROTECTED] for email accounts on mail2.x.com

All emails are routed according the setting in the fullname field and using SMTP (not 
like qmail-ldap).  The vpopmail db needs to be
synchronized between sites so mysql backend is preferred but cdb should work too.

Any comment are welcomed.

Hope it will solve your problem.

Shouguan Lin

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