Brian wrote:

current my settings on my debian host

key_buffer        = 16M
max_allowed_packet      = 1M

that's the only places where I can change something ..
Where is this? /etc/my.cnf? There are a lot of tunable vars that can be set in your my.cnf file. Look in your MySQL source, maybe in /usr/local/share/mysql, there are some sample *.cnf files in there. A lot depends on how much memory your system has, and how much it is using.

right to change this? I'm not a mysql professional :-(
Sure, that is why it is there. Just make sure you know what you are changing, I'm no MySQL guru either.

I would first get your bin log running and see what is going on with the mysql daemon. The select may not even be happening which is what I saw.

I'm no expert and may not be the best person to guide you through this ;^)


thanx for your help, Brian

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I have seen some similar issues with using vpopmail and MySQL. Most
notably a failure to authenticate becasue MySQL doesn't respond
correctly. Not sure if it was timing out or what. The solution was to
give MySQL more resources over the default install.

I upped my key, index, and table cache, increased my thread cache, now I
have no problems. I use MySQL heavliy though, three cluster machines
hitting it all day, plus spamassassin uses it as well. YMMV.


Brian wrote:

Hello List,

I have installed vpopmail with mysql-support. It's running well but

sometimes my mail client ask about username and password. Error message is the user is not found.

vpopmail[1003]: vchkpw-pop3: vpopmail user not found


The User exist in the database and next time it's running well again.

someone know this problem?

thanx, Brian

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-- Systems Administrator Get rid of Unwanted Emails...get TLS Spam Blocker!

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