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On Thursday 26 August 2004 08:52 am, Mihai Moldovanu wrote:

Is possible to use Novell NDS / Ldap with vpopmail ?

vpopmail has an ldap module, yes. You might give it a try with your LDAP server, and if it works, and works sufficiently, report success to this mailing list :)


I've made some small modifications on vlap.c and vldap.h in order to connect properly to Novell Ldap and as well now ldap server , CN , user ,pass , and DN
are read from /var/vpopmail/etc/vpopmail.ldap . This way if ldap server changes i don't have to recompile vpopmail .
If anyone is interested i will post the patches .

At this point i will try to modifiy novell ldap schema and start deeper testing . But so far looks promising .

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