Am Mittwoch, 25. August 2004 19:20 schrieb Jacob S.:
> Is an strace from a working 64 bit installation of any help?
Don't know. It's on Tom Collins to decide whether he wants it or not.
> I'm unable to duplicate this bug on a new vpopmail 5.4.5 installation
> using the toaster on a Sun Ultra 10 with a 64bit Sparc
> processor.

Hmmm... Seems there are differences in 64bit Linux and 64bit Solaris.
As I found out, it makes no difference which LINUX distribution is used. I 
heard from people who have the same problem on SuSE where I have it on 
Due to the fact that somebody send a 'shutdown -h' to me (I have been ill all 
the week), I'll do the right strace for Tom right now. Then we hopefully will 



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