Ken Jones wrote:

On Friday 27 August 2004 02:02 pm, Eric Smoker wrote:

O.K. , I feel stupid. How do you clear an individual bit flag with
vmoduser (v5.4.0)? I want to unset the no imap access flag but when I do
a -i0 it sets user flag 0, -i+ invalid option, etc...

Please don't tell me I have to do a -x 'cause I have to do this to all
my domains. I really did try to RTFM but there isn't a man on vmoduser.

There is no code to clear just an individual flag. The only option is to clear them all and then set the ones you want.

Umm. This isn't good. Anything I should be aware of before I -x sitewide? I don't think I use any flags but does qmailadmin or anything like that us them?

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