On Friday, August 27, 2004 2:00 PM, Tom Collins wrote:
> Your server's crypt() doesn't support MD5 passwords.  You will need to
> rebuild vpopmail with the --disable-md5-passwords option.

You've solved my problem (after also recompiling/reinstalling qmail).

> If you compiled with clear password support, you might want to use your
> Perl skills to go through each vpasswd file and replace the current
> encrypted password with a new one (using a valid salt).  If you delete

not tested too much, but it seems to have worked on my installation:

> Here's a patch I'm adding to vpopmail to fall back to using a non-MD5
> salt if the host's crypt() doesn't handle MD5.
> + if (tmpstr[2] != '$') {

I know less than nothing about C, but shouldnt that be: 'if (tmpstr[0] ==
'$') {' ?

it might be good for this to get done at compile time (i.e. testing for MD5
support... failed!  reconfigure using --disable-md5-passwords)

this whole experience also raises an interesting question -- perhaps
installations including the clear password shouldnt even use crypts.

Thanks, Tom

Jeremy Kister

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