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> Here's a 'newbie' question:
> I just deployed a new mail svr running qmail with vpopmail, mysql,
> qmailadmin.  My 'old' server was running qmail, but with vmailmgr
> instead.
> I 'used' to be able to create aliases that would forward to MULTIPLE
> users, for example:
> ... was forwarded to:
> etc.
> How can I re-create that same functionality w/ vpopmail?  The Forwards
> in vpopmail appear to allow only ONE acc't to forward to.

After creating a forward, go to the page that lists all forwards for
that domain. Find the forward that you want to have multiple recipients
and click the 'modify' icon. You should now see a page with an option to
'add forward' - this will add a recipient to the current forward.


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