On Thursday 02 September 2004 04:30 am, X-Istence wrote:
> > If you get this message before I shut the mail server down, consider
> > yourself
> > lucky :)  

> I am lucky! :P

yea, well, I sent the email out, shut down our internal webserver, took it out 
to my car (thing weighs 75 pounds I swear) and came back up to grab the 
mailserver.  The list was finished being delivered (other than the stragglers 
hanging around who are on downed MXes or whatever :) when I got back up to 
grab the mail server, so most people got lucky :)

> Err, well i think so anyways. I hope the move went without a lot of
> trouble :)

yea, we only lost one machine... but it was flakey anyways :(


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