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>Dear Erwin,
>Sorry for question not really related to Vpopmail.
>It seems that I am hit by "Silly Qmail (Queue) Syndrome".
>I am using the Spamcontrol Patch v2.2.12 along with vpopmail-5.4.6, but 
>have not used the experimental "bigtodo".
>Wished to apply the bigtodo. I would like to get clarified that whether you 
>bigtodo is based on ext_todo patch or big-todo patch or both. I had not 
>initially compiled the bigtodo thinking that it is experimental.
>What do you suggest.

Well. At first you have to tell why you think you are hit by the "Silly
Qmail Syndrom". Any hints ?

Second. Apart from the big-todo enhencement, my implementation of Andre
Oppermann's performance enhancements dont work well. After investigation a
look of time and testing I didn't find any significant performance
Note: The code in SPAMCONTROL is not the ext-big-todo; however it is based
of Andre's first suggestion to influence qmail's scheduler for mail
processing; which was buggy by itself.

Third. The best thing is to avoid bounces to non-existing accounts. 
Use my RECIPIENTS extension as part of Qmail or perhaps the "real-rcptto"

The forthcoming SPAMCONTROL version will include verion 0.42 of the
RECIPIENTS extension; check my Qmail page (http://www.fehcom.de/qmail.html).


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