> I'd like to connect via an encrypted shell, like SSH, but I'd
> also like the connection to be persistent, to avoid connection
> costs for batch operations. I'd also like to provide a FIFO
> queue mechanism so that if the mail server reboots, anyone
> working on the billing server won't get error messages when
> they attempt to provision services. Then, when the mail server
> comes back up, the SSH tunnel is re-established and the
> queued operations begin to execute.
> However, so far in my google searches I haven't seen anything
> that would help me implement a persistent SSH connection
> with a FIFO queue.
> Can anyone give me tips?

Have you considered....

1. A VPN between the two?

2. Using an on-demand connection method rather than a persistent method?

3. Just connecting to a dedicated socket or service rather than SSH?

4. The security issues inherent in connecting your billing server to your

To keep this topic vaguely vpopmail-related, have you considered keeping
all of the necessary vpopmail information (or at least most of it) in a
MySQL database or some other separate data repository and having something
on your billing server update that?  (Or, alternatively, why not run the
MySQL database on your billing server if you go that route?  That gets
around the connection issues mentioned above although it does not fix any
possible security issues.)


Chris Ess
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