Here is something we built into vpopmail for sites like yours.

Use mysql on the email server. Have the billing system
insert an entry in the vpopmail table, leaving the directory
field blank. vpopmail will automatically create the users
directory and update the database when any program
tries to deliver mail to the user, or authenticate as the user.

If the mysql connection fails, write the user information to
a flat file. Then have a cron job check for updates to the
file and send them over to the mysql server when it becomes

Hope that helps,
Ken Jones

On Wednesday 08 September 2004 10:10 am, you wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a vpopmail server that I would like to integrate with
> my billing server. The billing server is behind a firewall, and
> the mail server is not.
> I'd like to connect via an encrypted shell, like SSH, but I'd
> also like the connection to be persistent, to avoid connection
> costs for batch operations. I'd also like to provide a FIFO
> queue mechanism so that if the mail server reboots, anyone
> working on the billing server won't get error messages when
> they attempt to provision services. Then, when the mail server
> comes back up, the SSH tunnel is re-established and the
> queued operations begin to execute.
> However, so far in my google searches I haven't seen anything
> that would help me implement a persistent SSH connection
> with a FIFO queue.
> Can anyone give me tips?
> Thanks!


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