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> On Wed, 8 Sep 2004, Ken Jones wrote:

> > Use mysql on the email server. Have the billing system
> > insert an entry in the vpopmail table, leaving the directory
> > field blank. vpopmail will automatically create the users
> > directory and update the database when any program
> > tries to deliver mail to the user, or authenticate as the user.
> That's really neat!  I didn't realize you could do this.  (Now someone
> will tell me that it's in the documentation that I seem to've not read
> recently.)
> (I know this is getting offtopic...) So I could use an INSERT statement in
> SQL instead of vadduser?  Or am I not understanding this correctly?

Yes that feature has been around for a while

It has definitely been discussed in the archives of this list, but I would
agree that I don't remember seeing it mentioned in the docs.

I use this feature to allow an IIS webserver to create mailboxes on my
vpopmail server. This is achieved by using an ASP script that creates an
appropriate record and inserts it into the vpopmail MySQL. Of course the
same sort of thing could be achieved using Apache/PHP.

I have some more information and some example code here :

ps. one catch with inserting users directly... The mailbox on the disk isnt
created until the 1st POP/IMAP login is done, or the 1st mailbox message is
received. This can cause a glitch with qmailadmin, because if the user tries
to login to qmailadmin before their mailbox on the disk exists, qmailadmin
will barf because it cant write a lockfile to the user's dir. So when I
insert users directly, the same script also sends the user a "welcome"
message to ensure that the mailbox is created immediately.


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