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> > (I know this is getting offtopic...) So I could use an INSERT statement
> > SQL instead of vadduser?  Or am I not understanding this correctly?
> Yes that feature has been around for a while
> It has definitely been discussed in the archives of this list, but I would
> agree that I don't remember seeing it mentioned in the docs.

I will take a stab at updating the README.mysql with this info

Also I will include a note that points out that with the mysql backend, you
can add your own columns to the table. This allows you to store other
information per user, and it doesn't affect vpopmail's operation in any way.

It my ISP we added an additional column "mailbox_owner" so that when we
provisioned additional mailboxes for a dialup customer, we could store the
"owners" account details in this column. This made it easy for us to locate
and zap these extra mailboxes should that dialup customer ever close their


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