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From: Alexandre Vieira [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Wednesday, September 08, 2004 7:02 PM
Subject: [vchkpw] chaning passwords

Hello folks,

I'm running qmail(smtpd+pop3d)+vpopmail in my FreeBSD 4.10-STABLE system and I wanted to know if there is any possible way to give the mail users the power to change theyr virtual account password. My clients are arguing because they have to send an email to the sysadmin to change passwords and that is not convenient.

thanks alot!

This was *JUST* discussed.... But an alternative that I use:
squirrelmail+vpopmail plugin:


Thanks for your input but I wasn't explicit enough. We use a non-browsing services, it's just simple smtp/pop3 with no panels. However, this users have shell access to the server and I was thinking that maybe there were a way to modify passwords with the bin/vchangepw but when i use it as a regular user it gives me the following error (and yes the user exists):

Please enter the email address: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Enter old password:
Please enter password for [EMAIL PROTECTED]:
enter password again:
Error: Illegal username

[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/usr/local/vpopmail]# bin/vuserinfo [EMAIL PROTECTED]
name:   user
passwd: $1$zAJePsFq$.1xA6YSFPeqanov4WvqRQ0
clear passwd:
uid:    1
gid:    0
flags:  0
gecos: Username
limits: No user limits set.
dir:       /usr/local/vpopmail/domains/domain.tld/user
quota:     NOQUOTA
usage:     NOQUOTA
last auth: Thu Sep  9 01:25:36 2004
last auth ip:
[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/usr/local/vpopmail]#

If anyone has any light on this one i would apreciate.

Thanks alot!

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