Am Do, den 09.09.2004 schrieb Alexandre Vieira um 6:01:

> Thanks for your input but I wasn't explicit enough. We use a 
> non-browsing services, it's just simple smtp/pop3 with no panels. 

Granted - but what's the problem directing users to a webpage with
qmailadmin ?
Or do your users not have browsers installed ?

> However, this users have shell access to the server

That's not an ideal situation, from a security point of view.
>From my understanding, vpopmail (or just about any mail-server software)
is not really suited for a multi-user environment where users have local
access to the mailserver itself.

>  and I was thinking 
> that maybe there were a way to modify passwords with the bin/vchangepw 
> but when i use it as a regular user it gives me the following error (and 
> yes the user exists):

It's not designed to be run by other users than root.

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