On Wednesday 08 September 2004 07:43 pm, Rainer Duffner wrote:
> Am Do, den 09.09.2004 schrieb Jeremy Kitchen um 0:50:
> > On Wednesday 08 September 2004 04:44 pm, Kirti S. Bajwa wrote:
> >
> > please stop this madness.  read the headers of every message sent to you
> > by the mailing list to figure out how to unsubscribe.
> You'd think that people subscribing to a list about a
> mailserver-management software would know how to read (let alone find) a
> header.


> But the last time someone posted the above advice, the person in
> question promptly asked how to find the header...


> It scares me to think that these people might actually run a mailserver.
> Gives a whole new meaning to the joke about "on the internet, nobody
> knows you're a dog", doesn't it ?


> Perhaps you could implement a filter that directs people wanting
> subscribe with Outlook-clients to a web-page describing how to view the
> header in various Outlook-variants.

great :)

> Then, before the subscription is approved, they have to fill out a
> little multiple choice test....

I've always been a fan of having an "internet license" where you can't get an 
ISP without taking a short class on common sense and safe internet 
practices :)

I guess not everyone can be helped.


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