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> Subject: Re: [vchkpw] QMail + Vpopmail vs. Postfix + Cyrus IMAP
> Am Mi, den 08.09.2004 schrieb Michael Bowe um 23:20:
> > But! whenever I demonstrate the vpopmail software to any of the guys
> > at my new place of employment, they are the ones who are marvelling at 
> > the ease of use and features of vpopmail.
> Indeed.
> Postfix _is_ nice (cyrus is debatable, IMO), but what use is a mailserver
without any webinterface for customers to add/modify/delete their users?
> There are lots of bits and pieces around, but no complete package. Just
compare what is available to postfix with
> qmail+patches^3+vpopmail+qmailadmin and see which one you want to start
> with.
> cheers,
> Rainer
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Somehow I worry the discussion of MTA+MDA will venture to an evangelistic
argument/discussion (much like that between linux/windows/mac etc).

When we first came to the need for a more powerful MTA back in 1999,
qmail+vpopmail+qmailadmin seemed to be the best features wise, and
administration wise.  In dealing with the ever growing spam, a re-evaluation
in 2003 lead us to believe that qmail+vpopmail+qmailadmin still had a slight
edge over the others, including postfix.

As Rainer said, it seems that postfix has more upfront, but it still seems
that qmail can be patched very well.  Currently, I'm running
qmail+vpopmail+qmailadmin, qmail-scanner w/ClamAV, mailfilter invoking
SpamAssassin for userbased SA.

Qmails only holdback is the lack of development (but does a stable secure
MTA need development?), patches add features as needed. But, its not like
MTA requirements has changed over the years, it's the MDA, and that's easy
to plug something else in its place.


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