On Thursday 09 September 2004 06:35 pm, Myron Davis wrote:
> There is one thing you can do, it won't help too much, but publish SPF
> records.  http://spf.pobox.com, then any mailer which understands spf
> records will not accept mail from the false machine because your SPF
> records did not grant them permission.

This is a bad idea, as Microsoft has taken over SPF and turned it into its 
SenderID, which it will now be using as its weapon of choice against UNIX.  
In fact, we just had a discussion about this topic here at Inter7 today 
during lunch, and we all agreed it's a bad thing.

Also, SPF breaks forwarding, and adds complexity and stupidness to the 
internet mail infrastructure and doesn't really solve any problems.  Do not 
use SPF.


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