On Sep 9, 2004, at 2:14 AM, Jeremy Kitchen wrote:

I've always been a fan of having an "internet license" where you can't get an
ISP without taking a short class on common sense and safe internet
practices :)

I guess not everyone can be helped.

An ISP in europe will sell you internet that is firewalled, and the only way to open a port up is to call tech support and get one of the guys on the phone, explain why you need the port open (Enough ports are open for normal day to day stuff), and answer a few questions. So if you answer the questions wrong, you will not have the port opened. So a lot of home servers can be run on that without fear because you know that the owners have at least answered enough questions right that they know how to run the particular server (For instance, mail, or HTTPD).

On their IP block, there is no damage done yet cause of spamming. And any PC's that are spamming, even with the port closed, get their internet taken away until they fix the problem, or decide to switch ISP. They offer tech support (walk in) for $50 (one time) and they fix whatever the problem was, and reactivate your internet :).

Pretty cool actually. Wish i could remember the name, read about it in the Financiale Telegraaf (Dutch newspaper about finances).



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