On Tuesday 14 September 2004 09:32 am, michele wrote:
> I've tryed to post this message to the sqwebmail mailing list, but it seems
> a dead one...

the sqwebmail mailing list is [EMAIL PROTECTED] .. the 
[EMAIL PROTECTED] mailing list is no longer in use (however, there may be 
some people posting to it).

Mr Sam decided to move the list to sourceforge since all of his other mailing 
lists are there.

To answer your question though:

sqwebmail uses a script called sendit.sh to send email.  Usually this is 
in /usr/local/share/sqwebmail, however, depending on your system 
configuration, it may be anywhere.  If you read this script, and look at what 
it's doing, you should be able to understand the problem at hand.  My guess 
is that /usr/sbin/sendmail is not symlinked to qmail's sendmail wrapper 
(/var/qmail/bin/sendmail) and therefore the script is putting the message in 
the wrong place.

Further followups to this should go on the sqwebmail mailing list.


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