On Tuesday 14 September 2004 11:45 pm, Martin Kong wrote:
> > > Delivered-To: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> >
> > that particular domain is in the 'locals' file.
> >
> > > Delivered-To: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> >
> > that particular domain is in virtualdomains.
> Thanks for the quick response.  I should have explained it a bit better.  I
> understand how qmail-send rewrites the envelope recipients for virtual
> hosts and how vpopmail implements the vitural host (combination of
> virtualhost and users).  I expected mail to postmaster will also have the
> "domainname.com-" prefix like

ok, I think I know the cause of this.

I just sent an email to [EMAIL PROTECTED] and saw that it had the 
following DTLINE header:

vdelivermail had to have added that, because qmail-local doesn't write the 
Delivered-To or Return-Path headers when passing to a program delivery, it 
supplies them in the environment variables RPLINE and DTLINE.

Now, older aliases were just .qmail files with Maildir deliveries.  
qmail-local DOES write the Delivered-To and Return-Path headers in maildir, 
mbox, and forward deliveries.  Therefore, you probably have an alias that is 
a direct maildir delivery, rather than a forward delivery.  Also, if you do 
have the forward delivery, you probably have two Delivered-To lines, one 
added by qmail-local when it did the forward delivery, and one added by 
vdelivermail when it finally delivered to the maildir.

I just tested this by sending an email to [EMAIL PROTECTED] (which is 
a .qmail file with '&[EMAIL PROTECTED]' as its only delivery instruction) and 
sure enough, I see two delivered-to lines, as well as a Return-Path line:
Return-Path: <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

For reference, we're using vpopmail 5.5.1 on our server.

So, hopefully that gives you something to look for :)

I apologize for my first statement, I wasn't aware that vpopmail was actually 
adding delivered-to headers now.


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