> I just sent an email to [EMAIL PROTECTED] and saw that it had the 
> following DTLINE header:
> Delivered-To: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> vdelivermail had to have added that, because qmail-local doesn't write 
> the Delivered-To or Return-Path headers when passing to a program 
> delivery, it supplies them in the environment variables RPLINE and 
> Now, older aliases were just .qmail files with Maildir deliveries.  
> qmail-local DOES write the Delivered-To and Return-Path headers in 
> maildir, mbox, and forward deliveries.

You are absolutely right.  The postmaster account doesn't have any .qmail, so the 
delivery was done by vdelivermail and the Devlivered-To was added by vdelivermail 
WITHOUT the "domainname-" prefix.

The regular account that I was doing testing on actually has a .qmail-* with Mildir 
delivery, so the delivery was done by qmail-local and the Delivered-To was added by 
qmail-local WITH the "domainname-" prefix.

Thanks again for spending the time looking into this.

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