Jon LaBass wrote:

Jon LaBass wrote:


Compile vpopmail with SPAM_THRESHOLD=10 and any message scored at 10.0


above will not be delivered.


I just upgraded four servers this morning to 5.4.6, that is not a configure option that I know of. What vpopmail do you use?


Well, I use vpopmail on FreeBSD and that's how you define it with the ports.
After I wrote that I thought "Doh!  Not everybody is using bsd so that
option may not be available."  But, on other systems where you have to
manually compile vpopmail, the option --enable-spam-threshold=10 should

I use FreeBSD and NetBSD though I don't use ports. The stock vpopmail doesn't have this option, at least not the sources I downloaded Monday. Looking through the files directory in the port it seems the spamassassin code is a patch added by someone else to vdelivermail.c and vpopmail.c

Interested in knowing how well it works for you though.


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