On Friday 17 September 2004 07:34 am, Matt Hoppes wrote:
> Hi,
> On the inter7 qmailmrtg7 graphs.. what exactly is the msg/hour graph
> displaying?   
It is displaying the averaged number of messages per hour.

> I know MRTG takes 5 minute averages but what exactly is 
> it averaging?   
Every 5 minutes we get an exact count of number of messages
received in the last 5 minutes. qmailmrtg7 multiplies that value
by 12 to change the time scale to msg/hour. That value is handed
to mrtg which averages it with the prior data samples.

> I know it's doing the messages.. but how do you do 
> msg/hour in a 5 minute average?  
messages(in 5 minutes) * 12 = msg/hour

> I guess I'm missing some sort of logic there..
Most folks find it easier to view msg/hour instead of msg/5 mins.
Hence the multplication. Which means, if you only get 1 message
in 5 minutes, mrtg will show 12msg/hour. 

Ken Jones

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