> Dave Goodrich wrote:
> > Since we changed to use mysql auth I have been getting complaints from
> > users having to enter their password more than once. This is not
> > consistant, it doesn't happen every time. It seems most prevelent for
> > users of Eudora or old Outlook Express. Outlook, Netscape Mail, and
> > Thunderbird do not seem to be having a problem.
> Correction, Outlook Express is working, Outlook is not.

What are they using as their login ID?   I use the email address with a
'%' rather than a '@'. (For instance, if the email address I was sending
was a real user, I would use inter7%cae.tokimi.net )

> > My MySQL db is on another server dedicated to serving MySQL connections
> > to vpopmail and spamc. Plenty of resources, queries per second is only
> > 4.3, threads 11, I have a dual Sparc Enterprize 450 with 2gb of ram.
> > 100mb duplex ether between the mailservers and the db that is used for
> > nothing but the mysql connection and NFS to the maildirs. I have my
> > key_buffer=128M and my table_cache=128. Top says I am at a whopping load
> > of .8.

Not that it matters much but... Nice hardware. :)

> > I just finished upgrading to to 5.4.6 and the problem remains. I've
> > googled and searched the maillist, anyone have a clue?
> Uh oh, not a single response? I'm having users call in with consistant
> problems, login failures, having to re-enter their password each time
> they check mail. I can see the logs tell me that the "user doesn't
> exist" when this happens. Yet resending the login works.
> Has anyone else seen this? Got any idea where I might look next?

"User doesn't exist" sounds like it might be caused by a communication
issue between vchkpw and MySQL.  I'm not 100% sure.  I have never
experienced this issue myself.


Chris Ess
System Administrator / CDTT (Certified Duct Tape Technician)

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