Hi all,
I've a mail server which I've installed qmail1.03 with vpopmail-5.2.1, MySQL 3.23 and qmailadmin.  All email users are stored in MySQL's vpopmail database (in vpopmail.vpopmail table).  Yes, 1 table for all users in different domains.  Now, I am migrating everything to another machine. 
On that machine, I've installed netqmail, vpopmail 5.4 and MySQL 4.0.  Everything goes fine.  But in the final stages, I need to migrate all user accounts with their passwords, sql tables, domains and their "leave mail on servers' mails" to the new machine.  I can't find any docs about migration, backup and restore to a new server.  Can anyone help me?  I am installing everything on RedHat's Fedora Core 2. 
Many many thanks!!

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