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> On Mon, Sep 20, 2004 at 07:10:16PM +0200, Peter Nilsson wrote:
> > forgot to say that if you new the total storage of the two drive , then a 
> > raid 0 is the way to combine the disks, you can read the raid howto that 
> > follows with hte linux documentation, but i would recommend to use at least 
> > two disks on a mailserver i raid1 (mirror) 
> How do big server manage their data? I don't assume they must be having single large 
> disk.

Upto some point (100000 users or so, from anecdotes), you can apparently
get away with a large NetApp-filer that exports ~vpopmail/domains to the
indivual cluster-nodes (you must have a cluster, because a single server
can't handle too many simultanous connections).
On the NetApp, you just define a volume and if you have expanded your
filer with another shelf or two (provided it is still expandable,
depends on the model, which depends entirely on the deepness of your
pockets, financially), you just add the additional space in the GUI to
that volume.
The same can be achieved (although with a bit more work) with a
volume-manager on BSD, Solaris, Linux or just about any serious OS
(nowadays, I think all commercial Unices come with a volume manager).
But the performance, resiliency, service and ease of adminsitration is
apparently unmatched. Otherwise nobody would pay their insane prices.

> The must be putting some accounts on one disk and some on others.
> What is their way usually? What if I run out of space on one disk?

Even bigger servers run with qmail+ldap patches. In the ldap-schema
there's place to give each user his own mailserver.
If one server is full, you can add another, totally tranparently to the

It's really a question of how many time you want to throw at it, because
the inital configuration can get a bit more complicated than with a
simple "fire-and-forget" one-shot-install server....

You must (well, if you're sane) have the space to backup your server
anyway, so it should not be too difficult to backup all of the partition
that ~vpopmail is sitting on and reinstall on a bigger harddisk.

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