> I've a mail server which I've installed qmail1.03 with vpopmail-5.2.1,
> MySQL 3.23 and qmailadmin.  All email users are stored in MySQL's
> vpopmail database (in vpopmail.vpopmail table).  Yes, 1 table for all
> users in different domains.  Now, I am migrating everything to another
> machine.
> On that machine, I've installed netqmail, vpopmail 5.4 and MySQL 4.0.
> Everything goes fine.  But in the final stages, I need to migrate all
> user accounts with their passwords, sql tables, domains and their "leave
> mail on servers' mails" to the new machine.  I can't find any docs about
> migration, backup and restore to a new server.  Can anyone help me?  I
> am installing everything on RedHat's Fedora Core 2.

Here's my stab at it:

On the new server, add all of the domains with vadddomain.  This
takes care of the domains.

Then, when done, drop the vpopmail table and clear out the contents of
/home/vpopmail/domains This will be replaced below.

On the old server, generate a dump of the vpopmail table with mysqldump.
Import this into your other server.  This takes care of the passwords and
SQL tables.

Assuming all of your users are virtual, you should then be able to just
tar up the contents of /home/vpopmail/domains (or whatever you use) and
then untar in the equivalent directory on the other server.  That should
take care of the email and directory structure.

Warning: I have never used this process in practice and, well, it may not
work as expected.  I'm pretty sure someone else has better directions.


Chris Ess
System Administrator / CDTT (Certified Duct Tape Technician)

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