I have about 800 domains, 15000 users total, and I was originally using my own tools/scripts
to add and remove users. We did this so we could have a deterministic setup to where the users
and domain directories were. We used simple 2 level alpha hashing on the domain and usernames.
So for domain names we stored them like this:


and then within the domains we 2 level hashed the usernames like this:


Now I am wanting to move to tools such as qmailadmin and convert everything to the way it probably
should have been from the beginning, using the dir_control method. Does anyone know of a way
to move my stuff over? I did see a vreorg.c program in contrib that looks like it is suppose to move
users over to this setup, but its missing "safestring.h" so it will not compile.

Also I know of no tool that will do the same for domains.

If the vpopmail utils, qmailadmin, etc supported the 2 level hashing I use, I would just stay with it, but
I know of no way to tell it to use basic 2 level hashing.

Also I know that --disable-users-big-dir controls turning on and off user level hashing. What is the flag
that turns on and off domain level hashing?

I appreciate any help you can give me.


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