Jeremy Kitchen wrote:

On Monday 13 September 2004 09:08 am, Miolinux wrote:

I installed Matt Simersons tcpserver-mysql patch,
and i configured vpopmail 5.4.6 with:

is there some reason you have done this? If you're trying to share the relay information across servers, check out Bruce Guenter's relay-ctrl package ( as it's better suited for this, and is also safe to use across NFS (I've done it).

Also, this way, you don't have to muck around with some patch to ucspi-tcp that is specific to qmail (even though ucspi-tcp's most common use is probably for qmail, it CAN be used for other things, y'know ;) or modifying vpopmail code to not rebuild the cdb file, etc.

Optionally, you can also check out Gerrit Pape's ipsvd ( , which is a ucspi-compliant (and also under a lesser restrictive license than ucspi-tcp) replacement for djb's ucspi-tcp, which can do pop-before-smtp authentication as described in this thread on the [EMAIL PROTECTED] mailing list:

I would assume that this, also, is safe across NFS, however, as I have not used ipsvd before, I can't say for sure. I CAN say for sure, however, that relay-ctrl IS safe over NFS.

Gotta love UNIX.... so many options.


Thanks a lot for links i'll take a look at them, for now i solved the question, but new ways, possibly simpler or with more feature
are always welcomed ^_^
Ipvsd seems really quite interesting...
However the tcpserver patch add only a new option (-S) that checks sql "relay" table, so i can use tcpserver normally.
I also start courier imap, clamd and spamassassin via tcpserver and i'm really happy specially for log management :-)

Thanks a lot.


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